Charley with famous people Charley with famous people Babe Ruth and Charley Paddock Charles just interviewed George Herman Ruth, about beating the home run record. 199448811 NEVER BEFORE SEEN PHOTO [1923] Left to right: Douglas Fairbanks, Charlie Chaplin run hurdles with Charles Paddock. Yes, This is THEE Charlie Chaplin, he was going to enter the Olympics (as a long-distance) runner, but (sadly) he got sick and couldn't compete. 185661406 Zack Farmer, Louis Zamperini and Charley In a joint meeting of the Torrance Lions and Kiwanis Clubs, Zack Farmer, Los Angeles Sportsman, and former champion sprinter Charley Paddock delivered a speech upholding the action of Louis Zamperini, Southern California 200121020 Meeting Jack Dempsey & Duke Kahanamoku Los Angeles1929 152124868 1940 CBS Studio "Parade of Champions" Left to right: Bill Cefton, Jim Thorpe, Charley Paddock 190388328 Charles, Peter and Loren racing Left to right: Charley, Peter Moeskops (4 yrs world champion cyclist from Holland) and Loren Murchison *'Copyright 1924 Richard K. Fox Publishing Company, Inc.' 193210088 Paddock w/ Ruth Elder Picture taken in Cleveland Sep 1st 1929 [At the first all girl air-show] 152122249 Paddock on left Murchison on Right Standing next to his /friend/rival Loren Murchison (1921) 155635158 Charley with Howard Jones Talking at a Lions club with Howard Jones (U.S.C) coach. Charley was quoted to say: "Jones better do his job, or he would be out of a job" ...They parted friends. [Oct. 19th, 1935 in Long Beach] 171457486 Charley racing Mearls Rogan (1926) America's Finest (Female) Athlete: Katherine "Mearls" Rogan. from Boston Gold medal long jumper 152692090 Ray Ruddy & Charley - May 26, 1928 Ray* and Charley Paddock getting ready to dive in... *Ray Ruddy held many Olympic & World records [Swimming]. He died Dec. 4th, 1938, after falling down a flight of stairs at his aunts house, in Forest Hills, NY. 180420638 Meeting Sally Phipps & Dave Butler Dave Butler became a movie director 152126110 Charley Paddock Racing Jack Rothrock Photo is believed to be of Charles & Jack running from left-field to home-plate at Fenway Park in 1928. Charley won by 8 inches. *Jack Rothrock was deemed "The Charley Paddock of Baseball" 152125690 Charley w/ Duke Kahanamoku Meeting (World Champion Swimmer) DUKE KAHANAMOKU on the Paddocks honeymoon on Hawaii, in 1929 Wife: Neva Jorstad Paddock-Prisk 198649015 Charley w/ Duke Kahanamoku Meeting (World Champion Swimmer) DUKE KAHANAMOKU on the Paddocks honeymoon on Hawaii, in 1929 Wife: Neva Jorstad Paddock-Prisk 152114574 Brunswick, Maine - [9/20/1928] (Left to right): Harlow Rothert, Dink Templeton and Charley Paddock *With all 3 men signing the photo! 152128394 Clarence Demar meets Charley - A Clarence Harrison Demar: Bronze medal winner at Paris in 1924 [Distance: 26 miles, 385 yards] 152130939 Clarence Demar* meets Charley - B *Clarence is the winner of 7 Boston Marathons Plus was also: a Professional Linotyper, Writer, Sunday school teacher, Boy scout master and Farmer. 153172668 Lawson Robertson and Charles talking Charley & Lawson [Head Olympic coach] are disusing a special race to be held at the annual Univ. of Pennsylvania Relay, held at Franklin Field that Charley agreed to run. 193123634 Just having fun in Los Angles Charley running along side of (Distance runner) Dr. Otto Peltzer, of Germany. 152127266 Cliff Henderson and Charley 1929 photograph of Aviation Pioneer Cliff Henderson as he opened the famed National Air Races in Cleveland 200121021 Charley Running W/ Arnaud Tournant Training the day before the opening of the [ISA] `International Students' Athletic meet` - [May 1st, 1923] NOTE: Charley was originally barred from the 1924 Olympics, because he broke the A.U.U's committee rules & regulations. PS- He STILL went to the VIII Olympics! 172416209 Awards meeting Left to right: Frank Wykoff, Dorothy Poynton, Marbeth Wright and Charles Paddock 153782018 Charley shaking hands W/ Hombardi [Middle of picture]: (Coach) Boyd Comstock Original press photo taken: June 4th, 1928 - Los Angles Atletic Club 'LAAC' 172416222 199448831 Charley meeting (Gov.) C.C. Young Charles shaking hands with the Governor of California, As Bob Weaver (Head of the A.U.U) looks on. 152127042 Congradulating Wykoff's win Another picture of Charles shaking hands with Frank Wykoff at the1928 Olympic's 153174038 Charles with Frances Keddy They was going to act together in the movies[ L.A. Ca]. Paddock stands next to champion sprinter (19 yr old Co-ed) Frances Keddie of the USC. She won the hop, skip and jump championship at San Francisco. 171457601 Frank Wykoff with Charley Looking good in their suits! [Photo taken 6-22-1932] 185079547 On board the (steamship) S.S. Roosevelt Photo taken 9-20-1928 185079546 Fidel, Charley and Joe Left to right: [Flyweight Boxer] Fidel La Barba, Charley and Joe Stecher [Champion wrestler] 193205830 Charley meeting Dr. Paul Martin The two men meeting at the LA Coliseum (3-21-1932) 196044234 'Parade of Champions' The dedication ceremony of CBS-KNX Columbia Square radio studios, Hollywood, CA. on April 30, 1938. Past athletic greats from CA appearing on 'Parade of champions 200720708 June 28th 1919 Inter-Allied Games in Paris Left to Right at Pershing Stadium: Charles Paddock, Edward Teschner and (Canadian) John Armstrong Howard 201582793 Charley with friends at the LA Coliseum (1926) Right to left: Charley, Charles "Charley" Edward Borah and Charles Hoff 200595299 Charley and friends Right to left: Duke K., Charley and Jack Dempsey 200595301 Charley with Mrs. Hoff and Charles Hoff Los Angeles, 1926 202348309