Ready, Set, Go!... Ready, Set, Go!... Charley at the start line 153782014 Starting pose photo 153791032 Movie still From the movie: `9 & 3/5th seconds` 159790653 (Coach) Dean Cromwell, Training Charley Dean Bartlett Cromwell [Sept. 20, 1879 - Aug. 3, 1962] AKA- "Maker of Champions" 152126349 (Coach) Boyd Comstock with Charley 1931 Charley Paddock with Boyd Comstock of the L.A. Athletic Club 172416213 1928 Starting pose on L.A. track Charley with (Coach) Boyd Comstock 172416214 Coach (Boyd) and the boys... 174702158 1924 at the Fairbanks ranch in Hollywood From left to right: Paddock, "Chuck" Lewis, Fred Kelly, Alma Richards and (Coach) Boyd Comstock 200121023 Douglas Fairbank's Private Race Track (Left to right): Charles Paddock, Douglas Fairbanks Sr., Loren Murchison and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. 175027996 Bob Weaver starts Al and Charley (6/6/1931) Junior Olympics trial race at El Monte against Al Fitch 193590669 Straight off the Starting line. He was a slow starter, but then always passed the other runners to win And this was also when race tracks were made of soft dirt. {Courtesy of: Marc Levie} 189128838 Columbia Universtiy - [3/ 29/1928] Charley showing the kids (In New York) his starting poses 172416217 Columbia Universtiy, March 29th,1928 Posing for pictures with Jackson Scholz 172416207 At the starting line Keep in mind, this is BEFORE they started using blocks behind their feet ..and he STILL broke world records!! 153174040 172416215 Columbia Universtiy - [March 29th] New York 1928 172416211 Real focus 172416208 Great arm swing on his starts Charley opens his 16th year of competition at 'Los Angeles Athletic Club' 1/ 28/1931 153876126 Shoot's off the line! - [Jan. 28th, 1931] 172416212 Rare Photo Charley s trying out the 'Nicholson Foot Blocks' Taken: Feb 11,1930. 190929413 Get Ready, Set...Go! Charley on far Left 153755039 Charley on far Left Frank Wykoff on Far right 154085287 Quick Start!... 172416219 172416216 199448810 Ready to win 172416221 Amsterdam (1923) :PH.-A Americký sprinter Paddock v roce 1923, po;elu. Zdroj 173838445 Los Angeles on Jan. 9th - A Left to right: Charley Paddock, George Simpson* and Hec Dyer. *George Simpson, one of America's 3 fastest "Dash-men" (And co-holder of the World 220-Yard Record), recently arrived in L.A. to train for the Olympic tryouts,and rain with Paddock 180375658 Los Angeles on January 9th - B Left to right: Charley Paddock ; George Simpson and Hec Dyer 180649062 Czech Republic (1923) :PH.-B Americký sprinter Paddock v roce 1923, po;elu. Zdroj 175029276 Awesome Start!! 190903165 Ready to win! (Again) 173838446 Jump start [3-29-1928] Columbia Universtiy, March 29th,1928 187577317 4/5/23 - Charley in the center Golden Gate 200 meter 201583351 Rare close-up on track Olympic Games 1928 Amsterdam, Netherlands Charley Paddock (with number 553) in action in the 200m race 153560647 Charley Paddock at USC Taken (at the curve) in Los Angeles on April 9th, 1923 track meet, making a new record. :TIME: 21 4/5th secondes - 220 yard dash. 180376154 Starting line 153759604 Charley winning the 200m race 200 meter race Eric Liddell (2nd left) Eric was unable to pass Charley Paddock (far left-race-winner) -Jackson Scholz (3rd from left) 173781665 Collage: Start to Finish [USC] 175032022 Photo from Autobiography 191478054 200121024 Starting line pose 185665876 {Courtesy of: Marc Levie} 189128840 {Courtesy of: Marc Levie} 189128841 HOF Card Photo {Courtesy of: Marc Levie} 189128839 1983 Article from USC Newspapper Photo courtesy of: Polytechnic School, Pasadena, CA. 192272951 193215257 Photo from Autobiography 191478061 Photo from Autobiography 191478062 200595284 200595298 Casanova Card 205336955 The Campus Flirt still 205336956 ''Running with Charles Paddock' Christy Walsh Sport-reel 205336957 Dr. Paul Martin, Charley Paddock, and Frank Wykoff 1930 205336958 Another Great finish 205336959 Training on he SS Roosevelt 205336960 SS Charles Paddock 205336961 Great start photos 205336962 Trading card 205336963 Spalding Magazine 1922 205336964