Military Photos from WW I and WW-II Military Photos from WW I and WW-II Age 18 - WW I Attached to the G.H.Q. 152127483 Off to war at age 18 191478053 1919 US Marines in France 172416223 WW-I (Age 18) 18 year old Charley, off to war! 175036207 Captain Charles Paddock* *This is one of the last KNOWN photos, taken on July 12th, 1943 ..Just 9 days before his died in a plane crash. 174603405 Captain Charles Paddock .USMC. {Courtesy of: Marc Levie} 189128729 Induction 191600484 191600482 Being sworn in to the Marine Corps Press Photo of: Col. David M. Randall swearing in Capt. Charley Paddock to the U.S.M.C. [San Francisco on July 13th, 1942] 154149330 Funeral Burial Program (Cover) 189736204 Capt. Charles Paddock with Major Gen. Usher Gen. Upshur and C.W. Paddock Killed, With 4 Others, in Sitka Air Crash July 21st 174702240 Captain Charles Paddock 1943 174702241 *Photo taken of Capt. Charles Paddock *This is one of the last KNOWN pictures of Charley, (He was killed in a plane crash 10 days after this photo was taken) 189736578 Capt. Charles Paddock 191600481 S.S. Charles Paddock (Docked) 191600483 S/S Padock at sea 'S/S Charles Paddock', was named in his honor. A (Rare) photo aboard the deck of the S.S. Paddock [1944] 153755577 S.S. Charles Paddock - [Launched 1943] MC Hull No.: 2232 Commisioned:1943 as a War-time fleet vessel 153193767 S.S. Charles Paddock (WWII Ship) Rare picture of the Liberty Ship: Foundered December 12th, 1967, off Diego Suarez [Indian Ocean] 153193764