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  Track Biography

Although he had been the California sprint champion, for the previous three years, Charley Paddock first achieved international recognition with a double victory at the Inter-Allied Games in Paris in 1919.


 Paddock was a 2nd lieutenant in the field artillery at the time, and when he returned home he became the most famous track athlete of the twenties. He had a bouncing stride, high knee action and a famous "Jump finish".

He always wore silk when he ran and, in addition to being a successful journalist, he was his own publicity manager.

 He thus presented an aura which endeared him to the sporting public and, to satisfy his admirers, he frequently set world records at a variety of odd and seldom contested distances.

 Paddock had a wonderful record in more traditional competition, as well. He won five A.A.U. titles and officially equalled the world 100 (yard) record of 9.6 five times. ..

...Early in 1921 he ran 10.4 for 100m to equal the world record, but his finest performance came two months later when he clocked 10.2 for 110y (100.58m) although this was not accepted as a world record because he had run more than 100m.


 Paddock was a Southern Cal graduate USC ('23) who appeared in several movies-usually playing himself. He was later portrayed, in the (Oscar-winning) film, "Chariots of Fire",  as the brash American. Not a totally un-true portrayal of Mr Paddock.

                  Personal Bests: 100 @ 10.2 (1921); 200 @ 21.0 (1923)


1920 Summer19AntwerpenAthleticsMen's 100 metresUnited StatesUSA1Gold
1920 Summer19AntwerpenAthleticsMen's 200 metresUnited StatesUSA2Silver
1920 Summer19AntwerpenAthleticsMen's 4 × 100 metres RelayUnited StatesUSA1GoldWR
1924 Summer23ParisAthleticsMen's 100 metresUnited StatesUSA5
1924 Summer23ParisAthleticsMen's 200 metresUnited StatesUSA2Silver
1928 Summer27AmsterdamAthleticsMen's 200 metresUnited StatesUSA4 h1 r3/4


Men's 100 meters


Men's 200 meters

1920 Summer19AntwerpenAthleticsUnited StatesFinal222.0est10 cm. bh14
1920 Summer19AntwerpenAthleticsUnited StatesSemi-FinalsHeat Two2QU22.5est½ m. bh1
1920 Summer19AntwerpenAthleticsUnited StatesQuarter-FinalsHeat Three2QU22.9estclose bh1
1920 Summer19AntwerpenAthleticsUnited StatesRound OneHeat Six1QU23.2
1924 Summer23ParisAthleticsUnited StatesFinal221.76
1924 Summer23ParisAthleticsUnited StatesSemi-FinalsHeat Two1QU21.8
1924 Summer23ParisAthleticsUnited StatesQuarter-FinalsHeat One1QU22.2
1924 Summer23ParisAthleticsUnited StatesRound OneHeat Ten2QU22.3
1928 Summer27AmsterdamAthleticsUnited StatesSemi-FinalsHeat One422.1
1928 Summer27AmsterdamAthleticsUnited StatesQuarter-FinalsHeat Three1QU21.8
1928 Summer27AmsterdamAthleticsUnited StatesRound OneHeat Five1QU22.2


Men's 4 × 100 metres Relay

1920 Summer19AntwerpenAthleticsUnited StatesUSAFinal1WR42.2
1920 Summer19AntwerpenAthleticsUnited StatesUSARound OneHeat One1QU43.0

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